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Sangral™ NPK products are produced with the best quality raw materials. We are constantly searching for the most innovative solutions, the most advanced technologies and the best processes.

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In 2012, the Company made major investments in port facilities, notably the acquisition of five new ships for transporting packaged products, and construction of roofed warehouses. This has increased the port’s capacity to ensure better service in product delivery.

This network enables us to deliver our products in more than 110 countries on all five continents. Proximity to our main markets and customers enables us to ensure the quality of our products.

Due to this new position, Sangral™ products can be distributed throught a efficient logistic system.
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All products are made in Europe and fall under the European law of producing fertilizers.

Due to strong innovation and investments, the Sangral™ production can be considered as top-level. A recently (2013) new production facility has been equipped with the top-end automatisation process and produces Sangral™ fertilizer NPK range with excellent physical characteristics:

  • Free-flowing.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fast soluble.
  • Color ‘Sangral™ Red’ for recognition.
  • Pure product

The total surface of the recently inaugurated facilities amounts to 37.000m2 of which 24.000m2 are covered, consisting among others of a bulk warehouse with a 50.000 MT storage capacity, technical installations such as for example the packing line and palletizers, and, exterior loading yards and docks for containers.

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Sangral™ is packed in a polypropylene coated bag with an inner liner and cast. This high quality bag protects the NPK fertilizer in the best possible way. Due to its strong protection the produced can be transported and stored in a safe and easy way. A high quality bag will preserve the product over a longer period of time.

  • When stored it is best to keep de Sangral™ bags a way from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and high humidity.
  • When Sangral™ is opened, it is best to store the bag closed.
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