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All Sangral™ fertilizer blends are enriched with a full package of six micro nutrients. Iron, zinc, manganese and copper are fully chelated. This optimizes their solubility and availability in the soil solution, which is critical for the mineral absorption by the plant.

Sangral™ NPK formulas can be used in almost all soluble fertilizers application methods: drip fertigation fertigation, sprinkler, pivot application, or for foliar applications.

The levels of the micronutrients comply with the European fertilizer standards.

Every Sangral™ fertilizer is developed with special care and attention for quality. Every bag has been composed with the best quality available raw materials on the European market. The Sangral™ line is characterized by its premium packing material. This will preserve and protect the fertilizer content over a longer period of time.


Sangral™ blends are easy to use. It is a free-flowing fine crystalline powder that quickly dissolves in water.

All Sangral™ NPK fertilizers are virtually free in chloride, sodium and heavy metals. Both in purity, workability and performance, Sangral™ stands out between other available NPK’s in the market.

All formulas are also compatible with the majority of pesticides in foliar applications.

All Sangral™ NPK formulas offer integrated solutions for all plant's nutritional needs and in all plant production systems.