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As the name implies, micronutrients are needed in relatively small quantities by plants for healthy growth. Although plants are more likely to show a macronutrient deficiency before a micronutrient issue shows up, they are still necessary for healthy plant growth. Additionally, different genus of plants need different levels of micronutrients and soil can be deficient in certain micronutrients.

Each Sangral™ NPK formula is enriched with a full package of six trace elements. Iron, zinc, manganese and copper are fully chelated. This optimizes their solubility and availability in the soil solution, which is critical for the mineral absorption by the plant.

Fe Iron (Fe) activates a number of enzyme involved in: Chlorophyll synthesis, Respiration, Nitrogen metabolism

Zn Zinc is essential for several processes: Growth regulation, Chlorophyll production and enzyme activation, Enzyme activation

Mn Manganese mainly functions in plants as an enzyme activator, Manganese is involved in chlorophyll synthesis, Manganese participates in the processes of photosynthesist

B Boron is involved in the processes of uptake and metabolism of the nutrients such as Calcium, Boron is essential for cell wall rigidity, Boron is important for pollen fertility